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News and Views Sites:

DeLiberations on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
The Education Writers Association
"Let Me Edutain You"
The Liberator
Online News Association
Talking Points by Joshua Micah Marshall
Jim Romenesko's Media News
Erin O'Connor's Critical Mass
Tina Blue's Teacher, Teacher
Michael Tinkler's Cranky Professor
Winds of Change
Martin Kozloff's Papers on Education
Arts and Letters Daily
Butterflies & Wheels - Fighting Fashionable Nonsense
Living in a Media World
The Little Professor
Cold Springs Shops
Confessions of a Community College Dean
Renaissance Weblog > Publications
JoeUser- Le Monde Selon Gar
Milt's File
Frogs and Ravens
The Smallest Minority
Professor Tax
I Speak of Dreams
Number 2 Pencil
Education Weak
Mathematically Correct
First-Year Writing Teacher
Blog Father
California Insider
Herbert Jack Rotfeld's Essays & Commentary
Faculty Shack
Newmark's Door
Crooked Timber
Inveterate Bystander
Notional Slurry
Scheiss Weekly
Thousand Reasons

Literary and Other Sites:

Felice Prager's WRITE FUNNY!
The Telson Spur
The Education Wonks
Stephen's Web
Eric Decker's Laughing Stalk
Sobriquet Magazine

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