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by Dr. Mark H. Shapiro
I don't favor one set of organized prejudices over another....   .....Prof. Mike Cohen, circa 1965.

Commentary of the Day - October 29, 1999:

Guest Commentary by Johan Kuno - Science vs. Religion:

Oskarshamn, SWEDEN, Tuesday October 26, 999AD:

Today, a group headed by Johan Kuno, passed a new law which states that teaching about meteorology in Swedish schools is against their religion.  Norse Mythology teaches that Thor, the God of lightning, is responsible for all atmospheric phenomena.  Lightning is not an electrical discharge.  It is caused by the hammer of Thor.  Thunder and rain also is brought forward by the Mighty Thor.  There can be no other morally acceptable explanations to this.

A few meteorologists complained and called this drastic measure "a ludicrous proposition that will send us back to the Stone Age".  But the Swedish right-wing Vikings are (physically) strong, and the school board passed the new law after only two mugs of frothing mead -- an unprecedented event in Swedish legislative history.


The Irascible Professor thanks Johan Kuno for the above bit of satire, and names him Honorary Irascible Professor of the Week.  Visit Johan's web page at


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