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by Dr. Mark H. Shapiro

Breaking News - October 26, 2006:  California State University Auditor Releases Scathing Report on the Business and Financial Affairs Office at Cal State Fullerton.

The Irascible Professor has learned that in response to several allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse in the Business and Financial Affairs Office at California State University, Fullerton the CSU Chancellor's Office has conducted a lengthy audit of the university's business and financial practices at the university.  The CSU auditor recently posted a scathing audit report on the operations of Fullerton's Business and Financial Affairs Office on his website.

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The Irascible Professor also has learned that the former Chief Financial Officer who was mentioned in the report was transferred to another high-paying position in the university after the improprieties came to light.  She was allowed to remain in this position, which had few substantive duties, until she reached minimum retirement age.  When she recently retired, she was granted emeritus status at the university.  Emeritus status at Cal State Fullerton is routinely awarded to faculty members who retire with ten or more years of service to the university.  However, emeritus status is not routinely granted to retiring staff members or administrators unless they have had a long tenure with the university and have -- in the eyes of their supervisors -- provided major contributions to the university.


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