The Irascible ProfessorSM is an independent journal of commentary on issues in K-12 and higher education in the United States.  To maintain our independence, we do not accept any advertising, nor do we accept any funds from outside sources such as corporations, labor unions, political parties, foundations, etc.

The Irascible ProfessorSM is a registered service mark owned by Dr. Mark H. Shapiro (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Reg. No. 2,381,321).  All rights to the service mark are reserved.

We frequently publish articles written by guest commentators and freelance education writers.

Our guidelines are as follows:

We look for original articles related to K-12 or higher education in the United States that would be of interest to a wide national audience of education professionals, parents, and others interested in the American education system. 

You must hold copyright to the material that you submit, and the material generally should not have appeared elsewhere.  Exceptions can be made for articles that have been published in periodicals with limited local circulation.

Articles should be between 800 and 1,200 words in length, though these are not strict limits.  They should be well-written.  (The editor takes a dim view of copy that contains spelling errors or serious grammatical errors.)  Articles should be submitted either as plain-text emails or as Microsoft Word attachments.

We pay an honorarium of $75.00 for each article published in The Irascible Professor.  In return for the honorarium the author grants us (1) a 10-day exclusivity period from the posting date, and (2) the right to retain the article indefinitely in our online archives.  The author retains copyright to the material, and may submit the article for publication elsewhere once the 10-day exclusivity period has expired with a notice that the article was “published originally in The Irascible Professor.”

Note that we publish from two to four articles per month, and that it often takes us several weeks to make decisions on articles submitted for consideration.  (guidelines – 11/19/11).

For more information about potential submissions, please send us .

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We also accept modest donations from individuals who wish to support the work of The Irascible ProfessorSM.  All donations are used to defray the expenses of publishing.  If you wish to donate please send us  for instructions.

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